Who are the Praise Pals™?

We're a collection of 2,222 unique NFT characters representing inclusivity and joy.

We partner with celebrities, brands, and thought leaders to create one-of-a-kind experiences.

A percentage of profits fund good causes and social acts of kindness to elevate the world.

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We create private experiences in LA, at conferences, and at major events around the world—giving praise to remarkable people and projects.


The Pals are designed from celebrities, brands, and guests who attend our events. Owning a Pal grants access to Praiseland.


Your engagement in Praiseland will trigger token payouts and unlock new areas of the metaverse itself, leading to more fun!


Profits will fund community events and good causes. Hence our tagline, "Have fun. Earn $PRAISE. Save the world."


Praiseland™ Genesis Drop

Mint our Praiseland social-utility NFTs for FREE, including Islands, Love Machines, Jetpacks, and Loot Boxes. Join our Discord server to participate. (Presale Date TBD).

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Each Pal's unique characteristics will carry different benefits inside Praiseland.

The live marketplace is powered by our friends at Origin Protocol. Use it to buy, sell, and trade your Pals like a pro. It's all here!

Pal Points™

Building Praiseland will take time, but the gameplay starts now.

Complete our simple challenges to earn Pal Points™. Then, redeem your points for game assets, like Loot Boxes, Islands, Jetpacks, and more.


Exclusive Events

Our events in the Hollywood Hills attract hundreds of elite guests, including blockchain industry leaders, NFT artists, collectors, investors, and Influencers. To maintain a high level of curation, there is no invitation link and no specified address. Instead, guests are chauffeured from a pickup location. You must receive a personal invitation or own one of our 888 Gold Member cards to attend.


Proof of Engagement

Our network token, $PRAISE, will be emitted to the community every 24 hours. The more you engage, the more $Praise you earn. Praise is an acronym. It stands for Provable Rewards Algorithm and Initiative for Social Equality.

Shared Rewards

We share revenue with our community programmatically. The more active you become in the network, the more $PRAISE you receive.

Unique Events

We've built relationships in Hollywood for over a decade. Expect partner drops and sponsored events in the future.

Highly Secure

We use blockchain tech to ensure transactions are fast, cheap, and secure.

“We’re pumped to launch our exclusive event with Praise backing us." NFTs unlock deeper experiences with consumers, and we’re on the leading edge of it all. It’s exhilarating!”

—Steve Orasco, Founder of Smash Global

“The project is uniquely attractive to the end-user. Ultimately, that’s all that matters. And it certainly helps to have the right people involved!”

—Brian D. Evans, Praise Angel Investor and Advisor

“I have just invested and am excited about this project! Keep up the good work and I look forward to an ROI on my investment in you and the positive vibes you generate with this!”

—Scott K., StartEngine Investor

"Praise is shaping up to become a solid way for artists to connect with their fans while generating revenue-not only for the artists, but for their fans as well via the secondary market."

—Tim James, Co-Founder of Rock Mafia

“Your Hollywood Hills Party was fantastic. It felt like the early days of Instagram.”

—David Cash, Founder of Cash Labs

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