Meet the Praise Pals™

The Pals are a collection of 2,222 unique characters on the Ethereum blockchain who represent inclusivity and joy.

We partner with celebrities, brands, and thought-leaders to create one-of-a-kind Web3 experiences. Most of our revenues go directly back to the community or to good causes.

Meet the Praise Pals™

The Pals are a collection of 2,222 unique characters on the Ethereum blockchain who represent inclusivity and joy.

We partner with celebrities, brands, and thought-leaders to create one-of-a-kind Web3 experiences. Most of our revenues go directly back to the community or to good causes.

Rankings are Live

Every Praise Pal is unique, but where does yours rank? Rarity Sniper has the official scores for hardcore collectors.

The rarity of your character may relate to added benefits in our metaverse. Who knows.

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How it Works


Our avatars express joy and inclusivity. Everyone is welcome here


We partner with celebrities and top brands for expansion drops


5-10% of sales go directly to charities or causes that uplift society


Rewards are shared with the community in the form of our token, $PRAISE

Our network token, $PRAISE, will be emitted to the community every 24 hours. The more Pals you hold, the more $Praise you earn.

Shared Rewards

We share revenue with our community programmatically. The more engaged you become in the network, the more $PRAISE you receive.

Unique Events

We've built relationships in Hollywood for over a decade. Expect partner drops and sponsored events in the future.

Highly Secure

We use blockchain tech to ensure transactions are fast, cheap, and secure.

Exclusive Events

Our last event in the Hollywood Hills attracted 400+ guests, including blockchain industry leaders, NFT artists and collectors, investors, and Influencers. Watch the compilation video to feel the vibe.

Our Team

The first 88 Praise Pals are the founders of the community. Jesse is the sole founder of Praise Token, Inc. (the umbrella company behind the Pals) and works 24/7 on the project. Everyone else is a contributing member of the community, and many are doing significant work. (Partnerships, technical infrastructure, community growth, branding, design, etc.) This is because our early community understands that owning a Pal is like owning equity in our company—and they believe the company will succeed. Here are some of the founding Pals.

Jesse Tevelow

Founder and Creator of Praise. He is a serial entrepreneur (3rd company), 3-time bestselling author, and an international speaker. His first company was a social-game studio that has generated $100M in digital currency sales since 2009.

James Sommerville

Founder of KnownUnknown, the world’s first decentralized design community working with Fortune 100 brands on brand design assignments and NFTs, leveraging their utility token ($KUDOS). Formerly Global VP of Design for Coca-Cola.

Mona Halem

Mona is adding value to the Praise founding team through her remarkable network of celebrities and thought-leaders. She frequently hosts parties with NBA players and other A-List celebs in Toronto and LA. (Owning one of the hottest bars in Toronto also helps!)

Tim James

Music producer and Co-Founder of RockMafia. Multiple platinum records with household names like Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus, Zedd, John Legend, Ariana Grande, and more.

Swan Sit

Forbes dubbed “Queen of Clubhouse,” Independent Board Director, Advisor, Speaker. Swan Sit is a consultant specializing in digital, marketing and strategy. An expert on digital transformation, she has built a universal platform that works across legacy companies and startups alike, and is known for her cross-functional financial impact. She is currently an Independent Board Director at Edgewell (NYSE: EPC), Novabay (NYSE: NBY) and Far Niente, and an Operating Partner at AF Ventures.

David Bianchi

Award-Winning Actor / Filmmaker / Poet and Celebrated #NFT Artist / Art Basel / LA Art Show / The creator of #Spinema™ Cinematic Spoken Word Films. His vision is to change the world through poetic-cinematic experiences on the blockchain. David’s art is centered around socially conscious issues and has donated tens of thousands of dollars to non-profit organizations that are working to change the issues he speaks of through his work.

Jay Rosenzweig

Jay Rosenzweig, founder of Rosenzweig & Company, is an expert in designing, building and attracting world class teams; an investor and advisor to dozens of high profile tech businesses; and a long standing advocate for human rights around the globe. He has been internationally recognized for the Annual Rosenzweig Report on equality, which he has published for the past 17 years. Rosenzweig’s Annual Report has received endorsements and contributions from a wide range of influencers such as Justin Trudeau, Alyssa Milano, Sheryl Sandberg, Deepak Chopra, Van Jones, Zainab Salbi, Mark Cuban, CEO’s and Board Chairs of major corporations, and several other artists, humanitarians, politicians and business leaders.  Jay is currently immersed in the world of Web3, advising and investing in several fast growing, well known projects in the space.

Tal Navarro

Founder and Owner of the Social-Lady marketing agency. Forbes featured & award-winning influencer & community-builder. Established the first-ever college for social media in Israel. Working with multiple brands and Web3 projects on their online success and community building.

Mike Rowan

Founder and Managing Partner of HiveHatch Fund. Angel Investor in Praise. Previously worked at SendGrid, which IPO'ed and then got acquired by Twilio for $3 Billion.

William Tong

@LuckyDuckyNFT| #NFTGuild | @originprotocol | #BAYC 9156 | @Pizza_DAO | Real Estate Broker | $ETH$OGN & etc | UC Berkeley | NFTs uplift creators & communities!

Kylin Kalani

Kylin is an up-and-coming model, singer, and influencer. She heads the Influencer team at Praise. With nearly 1M followers on Instagram at age 16, she is a force among the younger generations.

Reeve Collins

Co-founder of BLOCKv | Tether | SmartMedia Technologies ushering in the future via NFTs and the Metaverse

Josh Kriger

Explorer | Futurist | Multiple-Company Founder | Co-Producer and Host of NFTLA. Co-Producer of Edge of NFT Podcast.

Phu Styles

CEO of Blockchain PR. Top 100 Blockchain Influencer speaking on Web3, NFTs, Metaverse, P2E, DeFi, IDOs, DAOs

Brad Fox

Founder & Global Biz Dev | Strategic Advisor ~ Forbidden Enterprises (Health & Wellness | Blockchain | Music | Travel | Technology | Art | Alchemy | Fashion | Sustainable Energy) & InFlow Enterprises (NFC Chips)

And many more...

The 88 Pals will be introduced and revealed over time.

Founding Team

Jesse Tevelow

Founder & Creator | Product

Jesse's first company, PlayQ, has generated over $100M in digital currency sales via its playful games. He's now bringing social incentive and gamification mechanics to the metaverse and the real world.

Jesse is no stranger to blockchain and crypto. His marketing agency, LaunchTeam, has helped over 50 blockchain companies raise $500M over the past 6 years.

James Sommerville

Brand Design | Partnerships

James was formerly the Global VP of Design for Coca-Cola. Earlier in his career, he founded the ATTIK Design agency (funded by Prince Charles). He is also the Founder of KnownUnknown, an online community of A-list designers who are working on the Praise project.

James has experience building timeless brands and has led countless global campaigns.

We’re pumped to launch our exclusive event with Praise backing us." NFTs unlock deeper experiences with consumers, and we’re on the leading edge of it all. It’s exhilarating!”

—Steve Orasco, Founder of Smash Global

“Your Hollywood Hills Party was fantastic. It felt like the early days of Instagram.”

—David Cash, Founder of Cash Labs

I have just invested and am excited about this project! Keep up the good work and I look forward to an ROI on my investment in you and the positive vibes you generate with this!

—Scott K., StartEngine Investor

“The project is uniquely attractive to the end-user. Ultimately, that’s all that matters. And it certainly helps to have the right people involved!”

—Brian D. Evans, Praise Angel Investor and Advisor

"Praise is shaping up to become a solid way for artists to connect with their fans while generating revenue-not only for the artists, but for their fans as well via the secondary market."

—Tim James, Co-Founder of Rock Mafia

Founder Story

The world is at a crossroads. Technology now enables us to live, create, and transact without borders. Our Founder, Jesse Tevelow, has spent most of his life building companies. First a game company. Then a marketing agency. And now Praise, which will power the Praise Pals™ and other communities. Jesse has experienced horrible tragedies in his life, like all of us. Pain and joy bind us. So while we are here on Earth, let's have fun, celebrate ourselves, and elevate together. We all deserve Praise, just for being alive.

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