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Big Vision

We're a veteran group of builders. Our executive team is former Apple, Coke, and IBM. This is far from a Web3 NFT project. This is a global IP brand that could expand into games, toys, films, merchandise, and much more.

Praise Pals is barely scratching the surface. For the full vision, see our $PRAISE network token website.

Functional Attributes

The Praise Pals are considered the first settlers and citizens of Praiseland. Each character possesses functional traits that will aid you in the metaverse and express your style. Holding a Pal also grants access to our private real-world events in Los Angeles and around the world. You can own as many Pals as you want.

Social Gaming and RPG Mechanics

Magic crystals called Joyful Jewels can be found on certain islands. The Praiseland Operators have created a doohicky called a Love Machine that harvests the jewels and refines them into "Love Bombers."

Shooting Love Bombers generates XP (Experience Points). At specified XP milestones, you’ll level up.

Achieving a new level will strengthen your character's attributes, unlock new areas of the metaverse, and increase your daily yield of $PRAISE tokens.

One more thing—Love Bombers can also fight off monsters.